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The whitefish hosts – K.u.K. Hoffischer from Lake Millstatt.

IMG_0839Lake Millstatt is very still when the whitefish hosts (Reinankenwirte) go out onto the lake, early in the morning, as once the Benedictine monks from the Millstatt Monastery – the first fishermen on the lake. They gently pull her floating nets into the boat. The carefully selected families of fishermen from Lake Millstatt, caught the wild fish and delivered them to the imperial court in Vienna.Today the whitefish hosts of the Millstatter lake are the best when it comes to fresh, wild-caught whitefish with their traditional net fishing methods, you will be very tempted and long to taste the fresh fish at any one of our lake side dining areas.

Whitefish – the wild fish from Lake Millstatt



Whitefish is a very sensitive fish that feels comfortable in the cleanest waters only (it can not be bred) and feeds on plankton. For its completely natural diet, the meat of whitefish is particularly tender, tasty and rich in Omega 3




Net fishing in the historic “Seelehen”


In the mid 19th century, the Austrian Emperor appointed the fishing family Bacher as their fishermen and gave them the right to fish on Lake Millstatt. All the family members and their descendants were given the title of “kuk royal fishermen” – a rare privilege that comes with great responsibility.





Rediscovered – Millstatt wild catch

Treinanken_gerichtheir long experience of fresh, wild fish and their experimentation help guide the whitefish hosts with the preparation of the catch. How about whitefish saltimbocca, Reinankenpiccata or small whitefish appetizers tapas? As a diverse and innovative preparation is so uncompromising for the whitefish hosts, only the fresh and wild caught fish from their own nets will land on your plate!




Our 4 Reinankenwirte in detail

Reinankenwirt- Family Aniwanter – Hotel Forelle-open

Adresse: Fischergasse 65 /9872 Millstatt am See /+43 (0) 434766 2050 / office@hotel-forelle.at / www.hotel-forelle.at

Opening hours: May until end of September
Breakfast: 8:00 until 10:00
Lunch: 12:00 until 13:45
After lunch: 14:00 until 16:00
Dinner: 18:30 until 20:45


Reinankenwirt- Family Collaud – Hotel Posthof à la carte-open

Adresse: Mirnockstrasse 131 / 9872 Millstatt am See / +43 (0) 4766 2088 / info@hotelposthof.at / www.hotelposthof.at

Opening hours: May until end of September
Breakfast: 8:00 bis 10:00
Lunch-Dinner: 12:00 bis 20:45

7. November – End of March
Breakfast:8:00 until 10:00
Thu. Dinner 17:30-20:45
Fr/Sat 11:30-14 & 17:30-20:45
Son Lunch 11:30-14:00


Reinankenwirt- Family Sichrowsky – Wappenstüberl mit Gartenterasse im Familienhotel Post- open

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FischertafelPost Familienhotel Post Gartenterrasse

Adresse: Mirnockstrasse 38 / 9872 Millstatt am See / +43 (0) 4766 2108 / info@familienhotelpost.com / www.familienhotelpost.com

Opening hours: 26. Dezember bis 3. April (Pause vom 9.1. bis 22.1) und vom 4. May until 5. November

Breakfast: 8:00 until 10:00
Lunch: 12:00 until 13:45
Dinner: 18:30 until 20:45


Reinankenwirt- Family Brugger – Seefischerei Brugger und Fischimbiss- open

Adresse: Dellach 6 / 9872 Millstatt am See
Seefischerei: +43 (0) 676 6254252 / brugger-fischerei@aon.at
Fischimbiss im Garten: +43 (0) 660 1605434 / olsachercarina@gmx.at

Opening hours:
At the market: 12 months a year
Spittal Thursday 7:30 until 12:00
Villach / Saturday 7:30 until 12:00

Fischimbiss im Garten: May until September
11:00 until 14:00 & 16:00 bis 20:00
closed: monday, tuesday

Fresh catch at the market

Fresh, wild-caught whitefish and other fish sold by Brugger family at the weekly markets in Spittal, Villach
Catch of the day: Join the whitefish hosts in at work in the summer months
Sundays at 6.30 am! Adults € 37- and € 31- for children, including breakfast on the lakeside terrace (Family Aniwanter + 43-4766-2050)

Day: Sonntag (03. Mai – 27. September)
Meeting point: Schillerstrand, Millstatt
Time: 06:30-08:30 Uhr / 2h.
Price: Erwachsene € 37,–, Kinder bis 15 Jahre € 31,–
Teilnehmer: min. 1 person / max. 5 person
reservation: 48 in advance, Infocenter Millstätter See
info@millstaettersee.at oder +43 (0) 4766 3700
Fridays 16.30 cost for adults € 20- including a whitefish meal € 14 for children, including children’s buffet (Family Sichrowsky + 43-4766-2108) Fangfrisch
Meeting point: Hotel Postillion am See in Millstatt, Kaiser-Franz-Josephstrasse 106
Time: 16:30 – 18:30 / 2h

Das Netzfischen wird durch Fischer Peter oder Uli Sichrowsky begleitet

reservation: 24h in advance; Familienhotel Post, +43-4766-2108
max. number of persons 16